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About Love + Leather

Love + Leather encompasses Renee’s vision and that of every modern boho woman. She creates sweetly stylish rock n’ roll jewels to satisfy the wanderlust soul. Love + Leather necklaces are versatile enough to rock with anything, from faded band tees to feminine cocktail dresses. With a touch of glam and a bit of modern bohemian romance, each piece is perfect for mixing and layering.
Renee’s wide range of inspiration, from the rocker aesthetic of the 70s to the free spiritedness of the flower child babe, is reflected in the mixed media used to handcraft her one-of-a-kind stand out pieces: wood, stones, metal and leather.
She has grown Love + Leather into the brand that it is today: recognized across the country as the ideal way to add a layer of cool to any look. Love + Leather has collaborated with well-known brands such as Gypsy Warrior, Urban Outfitters,, Nylon Magazine and most recently Free People. L + L pieces have also been spotted in Women’s Health’s “What to Wear to the Hottest Festival This Season” segment and have been dubbed the “Statement Necklace of the Summer” by Nylon Magazine’s NylonShop.

Bold and eccentric, Love + Leather necklaces are hard to ignore and impossible to resist.